Mobile DJ Services in Kansas

Located in Topeka, Kansas, Rainbow Dragon Mobile DJ is an independent operation that offers only the best DJ services. Do you have an event coming up? Our diverse music selections will liven up any party and keep you dancing all night long!

Choose the Right Mobile DJ Service for You

Our goal is to make things as stress-free as possible for our clients. When you hire us to DJ your wedding, corporate event, fundraiser or other gathering, we do everything we can to ensure it goes exactly as you envisioned it. Need suggestions? Ask away! After all, that’s why you hired us.

When it comes to your event, we are here to play your music. So, say it, and we’ll play it! We have access to up to 800 million songs, and we encourage you to make requests. One of our top priorities is to make sure you have one of the most memorable events in Kansas while listening to all your favorite music.

As a DJ service, we believe it’s important to interact with the crowd and give them what they want. So, if you need anything, we’ll strive to supply it! If you need lights, we got them! If you need an announcement, you’re in luck; we love to talk! No party is ever too big or too small.

As a Mobile DJ Service, We’re Willing to Go the Extra Mile!

We will never charge you for the time it takes for us to set up or tear down our equipment. For your convenience, we don’t charge for our travel if it’s anything under 50 miles. If we do travel over 50 miles, we add a small charge of 50 cents a mile times two!

What Music Means to Us

In addition to DJing at popular events like weddings and car shows, we also work very closely with nonprofit organizations.

Music structures our lives. We love to DJ, and we want to provide you with tasteful music that will keep you smiling and dancing. In addition to popular events like weddings and car shows, we also work closely with nonprofit organizations. Over the past six years and counting, we have been DJing and coordinating the Children’s Miracle Network Fundraising Car Show. We also DJ for Multiple Sclerosis walks, and the “Go 4th” Car Show at Lake Shawnee.

As we continue to volunteer our time working with these amazing organizations, we are grateful to continue to get invited back to play our music for others. This honor means much more than any award we could receive and is one of our biggest accomplishments.

If you’re looking for a Mobile DJ, look no further! Do you have a charity event, a wedding, or maybe even a car show coming up? We’d love to be a part of your event. Give us a call at 785-969-6062.

“Your Mobile Music Catering Service”

“We go out of our way as your Mobile DJ so don’t over pay!”

You can call or text us

Mack CELL: 785-969-6062
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You can also find Mack on Internet Radio!